Putting Off an Appointment Due to Dental Anxiety?

June 18, 2021

We hear it a lot. Whatever is behind your dental anxiety, we understand. You may be worried about pain, uncertainty, or just the sounds of  the equipment.

The number one thing to remember when contacting your Oral Surgery office is to express your concern. Just being able to admit that you have fear around dental procedures can take some of the power away from the worry.  You can also repeat your concern to your surgical team and surgeon.  Remember that this is nothing to be ashamed of, as it is quite common.

After each appointment, openly discuss your treatment  with your team so that you can fully understand the next steps and after care.

Remember, taking deep, calming breaths can go a long way. Rockcliff Oral Surgery has received many reviews commenting on how patients’ procedures went much easier than expected and that their anxiety was attended to at their appointment.

Putting procedures off can cause more anxiety in the long run and can lead to a more complicated case. Please call us with any concerns so that you can get your treatment started!