Cysts & Tumors of the Jaw

Around 10% of people develop abnormal masses in their jaws.

These abnormal lesions are often found around impacted third molars that were never removed. Others occur spontaneously, or are caused by inflammation or genetics. While usually benign, they can invade the surrounding jaw leading to bony destruction and displacement of the teeth.

Our surgeons are the some of the most experienced in western North Carolina in treating abnormal jaw masses. We strive to provide the highest level of care and exceptional results using the best scientific evidence and proven surgical techniques.

What kind of abnormal lesions occur in the jaws?

Jaw Cyst

A cyst is an abnormal collection of fluid surrounded by a sac of tissue. Most cysts grow from cells that were originally involved in the development of your teeth. These cells should normally be dormant, but if stimulated can grow to form a cyst. As fluid collects within the cyst it slowly expands – weakening or destroying the surrounding jaw bone.

Jaw Tumor

A tumor is an abnormal growth of tissue within the jaw bone. It may originate from cells involved in the formation of your teeth. Others may form from cells that normally form bone, cartilage, or other tissues. Most jaw tumors are benign, but can be destructive if not properly treated.

Jaw Cancer

Cancer is an abnormal growth that spreads from the jaw bone to the neighboring tissues. It usually occurs when cancer from the gums or oral mucosa spreads into the jaw bone. Other types can come from bone, cartilage, or surrounding tissues. Cancer is usually treated using a multidisciplinary team approach.