Full Mouth Implants

Dentures in a glass of water

Losing your teeth doesn’t have to be a nightmare.

Do you have multiple issues with your teeth but are avoiding making the next move because you’re envisioning the old denture commercials from the past?  These days, dentures are not your only option. In today’s society, people are looking for more convenient and natural feeling alternatives.

Using modern techniques, our surgeons can help create a permanent solution that will look and perform like real teeth and get you on the road to living your best life! Read on to learn more about our full arch implant center, Envision Dental Implant Center.

What is Envision?

Rockcliff’s Envision Dental Implant Center provides full arch restoration for permanently replacing your upper, lower, or all of your teeth. It is designed for patients with failing teeth and for those who find it difficult to wear dentures. Using dental implants, we can restore your smile, improve your ability to eat, and increase your overall confidence!

What is Full-Arch Restoration?

Full-arch restoration is a procedure appropriate for patients with severe tooth issues, multiple missing teeth, and/or decay. Using as few as four dental implants, we can secure an upper or lower prosthesis, providing you with the closest option you can get to natural teeth. Unlike traditional dentures, these are fixed in place and offer security and comfort without having to worry about slippage and glues of the past.

Why choose Rockcliff for your Full-Arch Restoration?

Rockcliff has everything you need conveniently located under one roof. Your oral surgeon, prosthodontist, restorative surgical coordinator and full surgical and support staff will be guiding you on your journey and providing specialty level care, from start to finish. You can have a brand new smile in as little as one day!

Why do I need an Oral Surgeon?

Oral surgeons are specialists and ours bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. This experience means that they are more likely to finish the procedure quickly and properly, often with less irritation around the implant site. While general dentists perform dental implant surgeries, The Journal of the American Dental Association has found that the success rate of dental implants is higher in oral surgery practices. Not only do oral surgeons have more training and clinical experience when dealing with dental implants, but they are more familiar with and better able to manage possible complications if they should occur.

What’s a Prosthodontist?

Prosthodontists specialize in treating and handling dental and facial problems that involve restoring missing tooth and jaw structures. A prosthodontist is highly trained in cosmetics, dental implants, crowns, bridges, dentures, and more. Rigorous training and experience give prosthodontists a special understanding of the dynamics of a smile and the preservation of a healthy mouth.

Dr. Jackson Blackburn (left) is our in-house prosthodontist and guides our full-arch patients from consult to follow-up.

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