Wisdom Teeth or “Love Teeth”?

February 10, 2021

Wisdom teeth…what are they?  Why are they there?

Third molars became referred to as wisdom teeth because they usually appear from the late teens through the 20s. This is supposedly a time which a person has acquired more wisdom. Some cultures refer to them as “love teeth” because they show up around the time a person first falls in love. Very fitting for this Valentine’s Day month! But one thing you might not LOVE is when you begin to have trouble with these teeth.

Through the process of evolution, third molars are not being used as they were back when people ate raw meat and dense plants.  As our diet evolved, so has our jaw. When there is not enough room for these teeth to erupt naturally they can cause problems such as becoming impacted. Or  there may simply not be enough room for other procedures such as braces.

Luckily the doctors at Rockcliff are here to help.  Oral surgeons are specialists in removing wisdom teeth. With advanced training, they are able to deal with any complications and also able to enhance your relaxation and comfort around the procedure. Click here or call us to learn more about how we can help.  We’d LOVE to see you!