Resolve To Plan Your Surgery

December 28, 2020

It’s that Time of Year

Late December is when we usually start taking inventory of what we want to change and improve about ourselves in the new year. Instead of the usual New Year’s resolutions, while you have some time to rest and ponder this season, take some time to think about your dental health and how you can improve it.

Consider your Doctor’s Suggestions

Has your oral surgeon suggested dental implants to fill in those gaps in your smile? Implants don’t only improve your look- they can improve health by working against bone loss and allowing you to eat more crunchy and nutritious food. Wisdom teeth can cause headaches and crowd your other teeth. Impacted teeth can sometimes result in infection, jaw pain, swollen gums and more.

Let’s do This!

Now is a great time to call us to get all the details you need to plan your oral surgery. Delaying your surgery can sometimes backfire and make things more difficult for you in the meantime. Avoid unnecessary problems and get your dental work taken care of now so you can enjoy the rest of the year. Call Rockcliff Oral Surgery’s Asheville office at 828-255-7781.